Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band


  • Release date: 2008-08-07
  • Label: FMMPB
  • Catalog #: REWIND:REPLAY02

REWIND:REPLAY is the first ever exclusive DVD recording from Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band. The DVD showcases the RE:CHARGED concert in full, featuring live footage of the whole band and varied close-ups of band members, and includes concert sets not featured on the RE:CHARGED album. The DVD also features special interviews with the band’s current leadership and past leaders and band members in a retrospective look at the band’s journey to becoming the most successful pipe band of the last decade. This DVD is a must have for any fan of the Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band or pipe band enthusiast. Buy your copy signed by Pipe Major Richard Parkes MBE for a limited time only!

Track List:-
1. Introduction
2. MacLeod of Mull
3. The Sandpiper / No Regrets
4. Big Duncan’s Reel / Lauren McCowan’s Reel / Dr. Alistairs Reel /Armstrong’s / Francis Morton’s
5. Tag Team
Alistair Dunn The Piledriver / The Reel of Tulloch
Gordon McCready The Tourist / The Broken Chanter / The Silver Spear / The Concertina Reel
Michael Fitzhenry The Spice of Life / Pleasanton Butter Buns
Dunn / McCready / Fitzhenry The Sugar Free Reel
6. The Winnipeg Forger / Walking The Plank
7. The Highland Wedding / Blair Drummond / Pretty Marion
8. Cliffs of Donen / Calum Iain / Merrily Danced The Quakers Wife / Queen Of The Rushes
9. Trevor Buckley / Seanaidh’s Tune / John MacDougall Gillies / Tar The House / The Top Tier / The Bollywood Lounge / Unkown Air / The Fiddlers Rally
10. Miss Megan Harrington / Chasing Shadows
11. Solo – Ryan Canning The Hag At The Churn / Delaney’s Drummers / Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay / Trip to Ballymena / The Rare Air Reel / Soft Horse Reel /Excerpt from Peurt a Buel
12. Arsen’s Revolution / Pitlochary High School Centenary / Majorie Lowe / Wallace’s Badge Intro / The Lads of Kilmarnock / Fiona MacDonald / Break Your Bass Drone /McFadden’s Reel / Pressed For Time / Wallace’s Badge
13. Malcolm Ferguson / The Old Woman’s Dance / Butterfingers /Donald Cameron’s Powder Horn
14. Drum Salute
15. Archie Beag / The Whistlestop Cafe / Donald MacLean / Cameronian Rant
16. Solo – Andrew Carlisle Harry McAleer’s Favourite / Mark Sheridan’s / Andy Renwick’s Ferret / The Wise Maiden / Upside Down In Eden Court
17. Ruth Grant / Miss Katie Ness of Kinnyside /Glen Lyon / The Cameronian / Bruce and the Troopers / Dancing Feet / The Highlandman Kissed His Mother
18. The B52 / The Galtee Rangers / The Double F Dilemma

Interviews with current and former band members – William Maxwell, Ian Wood, Richard Parkes, Ricky Newell, Richard Coffey, Dorothy Barham, Gordon Parkes, Karen (Jackson) O’Brien, Keith Orr and Earl Glasgow.


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