Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band


  • Release date: 2017-03-30

Our latest album, IMPACT, recorded live at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in 2016. This is a limited edition CD with only 1000 copies being made available. Buy it now here.

“In a word: wow. It does not get any better than this – a top band in top form playing classics. Magical stuff, guys and girls, and congratulations to all. – Euan Anderson, Pipes|Drums

Track listing:
1. Maxwell’s Bonnet
2. The Man from Skye
3. Cabar Feidh
4. Tag Team
5. The Ness Pipers
6. Superfly
7. Random Star 10
8. Bradley Parker Solo
9. MacLeod’s Oran Mor
10. A Wee Bit out of the Ordinary
11. The Braes of Badenoch
12. Tam Bain’s Lum
13. Andrew Carlisle Solo
14. High Drive Quartet
15. Salute to Drum-Major Bobby Rea
16. The Ruby
17. The Spice of Life
18. The Sandpiper
19. Train Journey North
20. Reprise